Through QuantmRE’s Marketplace investors can buy and sell tokenized interests in the equity in residential homes

Newport Beach, California | August 09, 2022 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

QuantmRE today announces its partnership with Texture Capital and the launch of its blockchain-based Home Equity Marketplace that allows investors — including individuals, family offices and institutions — to buy, sell and trade tokenized interests in the equity in residential homes, thereby enabling digital access to this asset class estimated to be over $25 trillion in size according to Freddie Mac.

By partnering with Texture Capital, QuantmRE broadens its compliance capabilities via Texture’s broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS). This gives QuantmRE the regulatory readiness to launch its tokenized Home Equity Marketplace, reimagining real estate investing by making the equity in owner-occupied residential homes investible and tradable, powered by blockchain technology.

Leveraging the Algorand blockchain protocol, QuantmRE’s Home Equity Marketplace allows homeowners to partner with investors via a ‘Home Equity Agreement’ – a financial structure, protected by a lien on title, that fractionalizes the current and future value of a residence. This innovative financial tool enables the homeowner to unlock equity liquidity and allows the investor to gain exposure to the future value of the property. For the homeowner, there is no loan and therefore no monthly payments, no interest rate charges and no added debt.

QuantmRE’s Home Equity Marketplace enables investors to invest in fractionalized and tokenized Home Equity Agreements, where they can build, model, manage and trade personalized portfolios of the equity in hand-picked owner-occupied residential properties, taking advantage of the downside protection and leveraged upside returns offered by the Home Equity Agreement structure.

Matthew Sullivan, QuantmRE’s Founder and CEO, said “We are delighted to be partnering with Texture and the important regulatory milestone that this brings, and we look forward to working closely with Texture to lead the way in making home equity more liquid, more accessible and easily tradable for everyone seeking a smarter way to invest in US residential real estate”.

“QuantmRE is unique in the digital asset space”, said Richard Johnson, CEO of Texture Capital. “In a rising interest rate environment where home values have been appreciating, I believe QuantmRE is ideally positioned to take advantage of increasing demand from homeowners to find alternative, debt-free solutions to access their home equity, as well as enabling a wider range of investors to actively participate in the previously untapped real estate asset class of residential home equity”.

About QuantmRE

At a time when homeowners need to access cash more than ever, QuantmRE’s “Equity Freedom” program offers an alternative debt-free solution – the Home Equity Agreement. The agreement enables homeowners to receive a cash lump sum in exchange for a portion of the current and potential future value of their home without taking on any additional debt (no loans, no interest and no monthly payments). In addition to originating Home Equity Agreements, QuantmRE has developed an advanced blockchain-based Home Equity Marketplace where individuals, family offices and institutional investors can gain broad access to the multi-trillion-dollar residential real estate asset class by buying, selling and trading tokenized Home Equity Agreements. For more information, visit

About Texture Capital

Texture Capital, the blockchain powered marketplace for private capital, is a FINRA member and SEC registered broker dealer focused on digital securities. We help clients compliantly issue tokens representing equity, debt, revenue share, royalties or other investment contracts. Leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, we aim to improve the market structure of traditional capital markets. Texture provides tools for issuance, tokenization and secondary market trading via our Alternative Trading System. Please visit for more information and to stay informed of future updates.

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