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If you own your home, you probably have some equity you’d like to access. And if you’re a real estate investor with several single-family properties in your portfolio, using the equity to renovate or purchase new properties to your advantage generally makes the most sense. The problem is that unlocking the equity generally means getting a loan, a second mortgage, or a line of credit from a bank to borrow the money. But what if you could sell a piece of your equity for cash to highly qualified investors?
This is precisely what QuantmRE allows you to do. It’s a groundbreaking patent-pending real estate investment and finance platform that solves a serious problem for so many homeowners and investors.
Today, I’m talking to Matthew Sullivan, QuantmRE’s Founder and CEO. We dig into what makes our current economy such an incredible opportunity for property owners, real-world examples of how this solution works, and how you can take advantage of this offering to get access to cash without increasing your leverage.
Key Takeaways with Matthew Sullivan
• Why accessing home equity has traditionally required borrowing money and how this puts homeowners at a disadvantage.
• How QuantmRE uses blockchain to keep track of home equity agreements and allows investors to build portfolios.
• Why QuantmRE investments can still produce returns and reduce homeowner leverage, even if a property decreases in value.
• What makes our current financial markets so different from the markets of 2007 and 2008.
• How to get started with QuantmRE as either a homeowner or investor.